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Dad's Network

Dads' Network

Calling all dads…

…and step dads, single dads, foster dads, absent dads, granddads and other male carers.

If you would like to spend more quality time with your children and share experiences about parenting and families with other dads join the Tower Hamlets Dads’ Network.

Digital Dads

The Parental Engagement Team hosts online events that give dads and male carers the opportunity to meet and talk informally about fatherhood, parenting and family life.

Topics include

  • Keeping your children happy, occupied and engaged in their education
  • Positive parenting across the different ages of your children or changing family circumstances and relationships
  • The challenge of juggling work, financial wellbeing and family life
  • Signposting to services and activities that support good physical and mental health
  • How to join the Dads’ Network and what services and support is available to you and your family

For more information or to register interest in joining future Digital Dads events

Email: [email protected]
Tel: call 020 7364 6398

What is the Tower Hamlets Dads’ Network?

Tower Hamlets Dads’ Network supports and encourages dads and male carers to strengthen relationships with their children through positive parenting and play. Men with parental responsibilities are welcome to join the Network and meet with other male carers and their children at our ‘Dads’ Play Day’ events that take place at various venues during the year. Network members will also receive updates about national and local information in connection with family life and parenting and have opportunities for developing their parenting skills.

Why should I get involved?

The relationship between dads and their children is very important and they have a vital role to play whether they live with their children or apart. The Network provides opportunities for dads and other male carers to join their children in free activities and have fun and learn together.

Who can join?

Male parents or carers with a child from birth – 19 years (or up to 25 years for those with special educational needs), who live in the borough or have a child attending a school or college in Tower Hamlets. Male representatives from other Tower Hamlets parent groups and forums.

How to get involved

For the latest news and information on upcoming events, join the Tower Hamlets Dads’ Network by emailing [email protected]  or calling the Family Information Service on 020 7364 6495.