Local Offer

Local Offer

Secondary school children standing together Transition Support Service 

Tower Hamlets transition support service (THTSS) provides parents and carers with independent and impartial advice during the transition from primary to secondary school and supports you to support your child with the next stage of their education and development.

The family perspective 

It’s understandable for parents or carers to feel anxious, you may experience pride in your child’s journey whilst feeling sad that they are growing up. Your child may be feeling nervous so listen to their concerns and explain that feeling nervous is okay. You can talk to them about your own experience and reassure them that it will be okay. Support them with practical help, like walking their route to school. Be patient with your child in the first few weeks, as they adjust to their new routine, environment and friends.

Communication is key 

Contact your child’s new school and ensure they have the right contact information for you. Ask them how they communicate with parents and what support is available to you and your child to help manage their transition. Be proactive, let the school know about any medical needs and talk to your child’s form tutor if you have any concerns – do not wait for parents’ evening.

Have you thought about?

Changes to family routine
  • Other family members
  • Working hours
  • Child care
Changes to your child’s learning
  • Homework
  • Space to study
  • Check their planner to ensure regular work
Changes to before and after school routines?
  • Earlier start to school day
  • Later finish to school day
  • Attending before and after school clubs
  • Do you need to give your child a house key?
Be prepared… remember
  • Full uniform and shoes
  • PE kit
  • School bag
  • Stationery
  • Lunch payment system
  • Name tags/labels
Clear expectations
  • Check school policies on their website, with your child and explain anything that doesn’t make sense to them
  • What are the rules about jewellery, hair, uniform and mobile phones, etc.
  • Explain the importance of attendance, punctuality and any new punishments, sanctions like same-day detentions
  • Plan the route to/from school
  • What should your child do if they miss their bus/train?
  • Apply for an Oyster or travel card in plenty of time – it may take a couple of weeks to process
  • Visit tfl.gov.uk for information

Supporting a smooth transition

Listen to your child

What are they looking forward to about starting their new school:

  • Understand and address their concerns

Discuss differences between primary and secondary school and some of the changes they can expect.

Ask questions

What does your child want to achieve in their first term at their new school? Do they feel prepared and have everything they need? Are they confident about their journey?


Your child is becoming more independent, what new responsibilities and privileges might they enjoy? Support them to develop new interests, take up activities available to them and to make new friends.

We’re here to help

Tower Hamlets Transition Support Service can be contacted for advice, information and support by email transitions@towerhamlets.gov.uk or by phone 020 7364 1533 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement Team offers a wide range of practical parenting programmes for parents of children from toddlers to teens. Triple P Teen and discussion groups provide tips and strategies to support parents as their children grow and develop during their secondary school years.

For information email: parenting@towerhamlets.gov.uk or call 0207 364 6398 or visit: Parenting programmes