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Inspirational videos

Useful videos

  • My life at college
    Making the transition from school to college can be a nerve wracking experience for any young person, but perhaps even more so for those with special educational needs or a disability.  Yet making that transition can also help build a young person's confidence and sense of independence.  In this film Tiffany, a wheelchair user, talks about the support she received when starting college, and explains how the experience has changed her life for the better.  For more information, visit the after leaving school page.

  • My life at work
    The world of work should not be off limits to young people with special educational needs or disabilities.  In this film a hard of hearing individual shares his story about how he has been supported into employment, and the satisfaction he gains from having a job.  For more information, visit the after leaving school page.

  • Making friends
    It's not always easy making friends, and sometimes it's even harder for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  Taking that first step to socialise can be very difficult.  In this film, Ryan talks about the support he received to start socialising and making friends in his local area.  For more information about activities and support available in Tower Hamlets visit the after leaving school page.