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Parenting Support

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Parenting Support

The Parenting Team offer an extensive choice of face-to-face parenting programmes that can support you with raising your child. 

Our Start for Life offer contains the services that are available to parents and carers in the first 1,001 critical days, information on Start for Life services and how to access them can be found at: Start For Life Offer | Tower Hamlets | Family Hubs (

Parenting programmes take place in schools and community venues and are also held online via ZOOM if you find it challenging to attend a face-to-face programme.

There are also one-off discussion groups available on a range of important parenting topics and one to support is offered where necessary to support you with parenting your child. 

Parenting programme in Tower Hamlets are delivered by experienced Parenting facilitators who aim to make each session interactive and inclusive.

The parenting sessions aim to support you to build self-confidence, increase understanding of child development, learn positive ways to deal with conflict, learn how to practice self-care whilst parenting and learn to manage children’s behaviour in an appropriate way.

Parenting programmes can be offered in Bengali and Somali in addition to English. Occasionally support can be offered in other languages. The team will endeavour to support you with any language support you may need. 

All parenting programmes are free to attend. Parenting programmes are available to all parents who have children from birth -18, ( age 25 if your child is disabled). 

Some parenting groups are aimed at children in specific age groups, ranging from babies to teenagers. 
To attend a parenting programme or discuss which kind of support      would best suit the needs of you and your family, please contact:

The Parenting Team 
020 7364 6398
Email: [email protected] 

For more information about programmes available and to complete a referral visit:  Parenting programmes (