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School Home Support (SHS)


Service Description

School-Home Support (SHS) is a charity working with children and families to maximise educational opportunities and improve life chances.
Partnering with schools, local authorities and communities, SHS looks beyond the classroom to understand and tackle the issues affecting children’s learning, such as poverty, inadequate housing and mental ill-health. Since 1984, we have used early intervention to break intergenerational cycles of deprivation and low aspiration, replacing them with children in school and ready to learn.

The biggest influence on a child’s life is their experiences at home. SHS employs expert practitioners to work with families on addressing a wide range of complex issues, building their engagement and resilience so that they can resolve future issues independently. Without this support, children are much less likely to achieve their best potential.

Additional Information

Additional Information

We are the only charity in England that works holistically with the entire family to improve a child’s education and life chances. We understand that problems beyond the classroom affect a child’s ability to be in school and ready to learn. Working with the family around a child is the most effective way to make tangible, sustainable, positive change.

We support families through schools, education settings and local authorities and as such do not accept direct referrals from families.

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Age of Users
From 3 years to 19 years



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Registered For 2 Year Old Grant

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