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Short Breaks (Discovery Home)


Service Description

Short Breaks enables children and young people with learning disabilities and difficulties to access activities that help them have fun try new activities, gain independence and most of all make new friends.

Short breaks services is one of the most commonly requested services made by parents of children with learning difficulties and disabilities

Additional Information

Additional Information

Qalb’s Discovery Home has been in partnership with Tower Hamlets Children’s Social Care since 2001 offering a range of short break service to children and young people with complex health needs and challenging behaviour and/or severe learning difficulties. We offer carers/parents Short breaks from the children and young people for whom they are responsible. The objectives of our service are to provide a short break for 6- under 18 year old children with complex needs as well as autistic children so that parents/carers and the young persons can benefit from the short breaks. We continue to achieve high standards on a national comparative scale and our achievements have been reflected on all unannounced inspections carried out by Ofsted and we have been rated overall as “outstanding” children’s home by Ofsted in 2012/13, 2013/14,2015/16 & 2016/17

Weekend short breaks (Friday-Monday)
During school term time young p[people can stay at Discovery Home from 15.30 Friday until 9.00 Monday. School transport can drop off/pick up the young person, so that their usual routine is not interrupted.

School holiday placements (Monday- Friday)
We offer week “Blocks” during school holidays from Monday to Friday – centre & activity based work group and individual, educational and recreational outdoor activities are also included.

After school club
Discovery Home offers after school club on Monday & Thursday from 15.00 – 20.00 (term time only), School transport drop children after school to us and Discovery Home take them back home after the club activities have finished.

Day care
Day care service is provided on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-17.00 from 7 hours each day. This enable children and young people to get settled into Discovery Home’s routine before moving onto residential short breaks.

Parents group known as Usha Mohila Somity
Parents of special needs children known to our services as well as children with Disability Team of Tower Hamlets meet at Discovery Home on every Wednesday from 10.00 – 15.00 during term time only. The group members are benefiting from meeting with other carers, yoga, exercise, training relevant to mothers needs educational & recreational day trips to places of carer’s interest etc. Parents and carers with disabled children and young adults can self-refer.

6-17 years for overnight short breaks during weekend and school holidays
6-17 years after school club on Mondays and Thursdays during term time
5-11 years for Saturday club

Service is free where SLA is in place. Overnight short breaks under spot purchase agreement will be charged as follows:
Hourly - £22.50
After school club and day care service - £16.95

Questions & Answers

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