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Home From Home Care


Service Description

Created by a family to make the difference; Home From Home Care provides specialist residential care to support adults 18+ with learning disabilities, autism and complex health & mental health needs.

Combining a family perspective with an uncompromising approach, we design exceptional environments and bespoke care and support package around each individuals needs, setting goals for an ordinary life - "The World On My Terms" .

We design bespoke support packages and tailor environments to suit each individuals needs. We use creative solutions and technology to promote independence, support individuals to lead fulfilled and active live through meaningful activities and build on the life skills that young people have been taught at school and college. Home From Home Care 11 separately registered services across Lincolnshire - Please contact us directly for more information.

Inspired by Laura, our daughter and Hugo's sister, we created Home From Home Care, combining our family perspective with experienced professionals, we create dynamic and therapeutic services around each person in exceptional environments. We offer a full and active life to meet personal aspirations, delivering meaningful outcomes and fulfilled days." - Paul, Ann & Hugo De Savary.

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Location - We currently have 11 separately registered services across 5 location in Lincolnshire. We support individuals with complex needs who are funded by over 55 commissioning authorities nationwide.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Referral & Availability
All placements and availability at Home From Home Care are dependent on our own in-depth assessment. This enables us to determine whether we would be able to support the individual's needs and offer a suitable placement. which takes into account compatibility with other individuals and also suitability of environments etc.

We place heavy emphasis on ensuring individuals who share an environments are compatible with each other, which is not necessarily heavy emphasis on ensuring individuals who share an environments are compatible with each other, which is not necessarily based on their diagnosis. We explore characteristics and match individuals in this way - We have learnt through experience that in doing this, individuals thrive and develop their potential to a much higher degree. we completely design environments and support specific to individual requirments to create a bespoke package for them. All referrals for assessment must come from the funding authority.

Awards -
All our services are "Oustanding" or " Good" from CQC.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 18 To 99

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