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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Service (ASDAS)


Service Description

This is a Multi-Disciplinary Team providing evidence based diagnostic assessment for children with a suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Assessments are carried using in-depth parental interviews, consideration of professional reports/information and direct observation and assessment of the child’s communication, interaction and play skills. Following assessment, we are able to offer referrals and sign posting on to appropriate local services, and where to get advice and support for families and other professionals.

A professional (such as a GP, health visitor, therapist, child’s teacher or social worker) must refer children to this team.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 0 To 19


Cost per Session
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Over 2's Cost per Week
Under 2's Cost per Week

Questions & Answers

Can Families Self-Refer To The Service?
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Further Information

Provider Type
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None (Self-referral)