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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Service (ASDAS)


Service Description

“ASDAS is a multi-disciplinary team providing evidence-based assessments for children and young people with suspected autism spectrum disorder. We see children and young people aged 0 - 18 years.

Our assessments include in-depth parental interviews, consideration of professional reports and information and direct observation and assessment of the child or young person’s communication, interaction and play skills.
We are an assessment only service for children and young people (YP) aged 0-18 years.

As an assessment only service, we do not provide second opinions for young people who have already received a diagnosis.

Following assessment, we are able to offer information about local services that can help.”

Additional Information

Additional Information

What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition which affects the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information. Many individuals with autism have difficulty processing everyday sensory information like sight, smells, touch, tastes and sounds. They may interpret information and their environment in different ways to other people.

Autism is a spectrum condition. This means it affects people in different ways depending on the individual and varies from person to person. Individuals have will have strengths and areas of challenge unique to them.

Who is in the ASDAS team?

• Specialist doctors
• Occupational Therapists (OT)
• Speech and Language Therapists (SLT)
The team also has access to a social worker who provides support after diagnosis for children under 5 years old.

What does an Autism Assessment include?

Your child’s assessment may include:
• A detailed interview with parents or carers.
• Direct assessment of the child or young person’s communication, interaction and play skills using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
• A medical examination and/or developmental assessment
• A school visit to observe your child and talk to school staff
• A detailed team discussion considering all the information from our assessment.
• Feedback to let you know the outcome of the assessment.
• A final report

What will happen at the end of the assessment?

The team will discuss their findings and conclusions with you and tell you whether your child has autism or not. You will have the chance to ask any questions that you may have. Together with the team you can decide which services will be able to help you. For school aged children, we invite someone from the school to attend our feedback sessions.
If your child receives a diagnosis of ASD, we will give you an information pack about what local support is available.

How do you make a referral for an ASD Assessment?

If you would like to request that a child or young person undergoes a diagnostic assessment for autism spectrum disorder, please provide the following information and email this to [email protected]:
1. Completed SPA form
2. Completed ASDAS Referral Form
3. Attach any other relevant reports about the child/young person’s communication and behaviour.

Referral forms and guidance can be found on the ‘Resources’ page on this website

or please visit

Who can request an ASD Assessment?

Professionals with concerns can refer to us. This includes: Teachers, SENCos, nursery staff, health visitors, GPs, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 0 years to 19 years



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