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East London Arts And Music


Service Description

ELAM is a world-class 16-19 Academy which opened in September 2014 in one of the most deprived areas of the UK. ELAM offers young people everything that they will need to lead successful lives within the music, games design and film and television sectors – the Recognition, the Access and the Relevant skills to become, what we call, ‘Industry Ready’. To be Industry Ready is to have all of the technical and personal qualities that allow young adults to progress into the workplace, or onto university.

Reflecting our ambitions, ELAM’s Programme focuses equally on developing ‘Expertise’ and ‘Personal’ skills areas. Trainees build the broadest possible set of musical and digital skills across business, performance, design and technology. These are accompanied by core skills in Mathematics and English, as well as professional mentoring and work placements. Everything that ELAM offers is practical, relevant and plugged into the real world; a foundation for our Trainees’ futures. This is all achieved by working closely with key organisations that share our Vision and Values, and our aspirations for the Trainees.

Underpinning the development of our Trainees, and the practice of our staff are ELAM’s Values of Collaboration, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Drive. These Values align ELAM with our partner industries and are embedded at every level of the school as a signpost of the behaviours and characteristics that we strive for.

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From 16 To 19



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