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Parental Engagement Team - Emotional First Aid


Service Description

The Emotional First Aif (EFA) course increases parents understanding of mental well-being and the impact of their emotional health on their children and young people.

The EFA course supports parents to understand how their own emotions and stress may impact upon family life and parenting.

Additional Information

Additional Information

The EFA course providers parents with a safe environment to reflect on their own experiences, learn how thier own emotional health impact on thier family and be more attuned to distress and anxiety in their children's live.

EFS is delivered over 6 weeks and sessions support parents and carers to:
- Identify early signs of emotional distress and anxiety in themselves and their children
- Recognise and understand their own emotional needs
- Understand and develop a positive approach to emotional health, well-being and self care
- Develop and enhance confidence and self esteem
- Recognise the benefits for children when parents are emotionally well.

EFA helps parents identify behaviours of children and young people that may indicate anxiety and stress and builds parent confidence to increase child resilience and self esteem.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 0 To 18



Further Information

Provider Type
Parent Support
Delivery Channels
Telephone Schools Community Settings