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Tower Hamlets Drug Intervention Programme


Service Description

Support for adults with substance misuse problems involved in the criminal justice system. Working closely with the criminal justice system, the DAIT specialises in addressing criminogenic needs as well as developing a sustainable treatment package.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Worried about a friend?

Here's how you can help them out.

Not all drugs are addictive, but some drug users do develop a dependence. People who are dealing with addiction usually:

• Feel the need for the drug regularly.
• Have a constant supply of it.
• Have failed to stop using.
• Will do things they normally wouldn't do (such as stealing).

Sometimes people who have a problem don’t think they have or refuse to believe that they are addicted or dependent. So if you think your friend has a problem and you want to help them, think about how you're going to approach it and what you’re going to say. It could be a sensitive subject for them and you don’t what to looking like you’re nagging them. They may not listen to you at first but don’t let this put you off. The best thing that you can do is to be there for them, to support and encourage them to change.

A good thing to do is keep your friend away from situations or places which might entice them - like say the pub or a mate's house. Rather, show them some other things to do to keep themselves busy.

With the proper help and support, many drug users are able to overcome their drug use before any serious harm has been done to them, or their family and friends. Other drug users have to hit rock bottom before they can see the harm and damage they are doing and start addressing their drug use.

There are a number of ways to get the information you need to help your friend. You may want to know more about the drug by exploring our A-Z of drugs, read about treatment or to find out what services are available to you locally. And of course, you or your friend can call FRANK anytime on 0300 123 6600 for confidential advice.

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From 18 To 99



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Health Services
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In Person Telephone
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