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Women's Health & Family Services


Service Description

Our Vision = All women and their families are fully enabled to lead healthy lives.

Our Mission = We work for equitable healthcare for minority ethnic women and their families in Tower Hamlets and other East London boroughs through advocacy and awareness raising. We challenge discrimination; and we campaign for clients’ rights and choices to ensure their health and wellbeing.

Our Aims and Objectives = To advance education among women resident in Tower Hamlets and surrounding Boroughs, in particular African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian women before during and after pregnancy.

To preserve and protect the health of the inhabitants of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and surrounding Boroughs.

To promote equality and diversity by challenging discrimination and encouraging services which meet the diverse needs of the community and the sharing of experiences in order to bring about equality in health and well-being, and good relationships in the community.

User Involvement = WHFS is committed to consulting and involving our users in every aspect of our delivery and to facilitate the voice of users, improving local knowledge, highlighting need and influencing service.

Additional Information

Additional Information

We offer accredited training and volunteering opportunities for Tower Hamlets residents in: Doula Skills Maternity Mates,, FGM/C support and awareness raising

Stayin Active - For over 70's - Every day - Drop in or telephone for more information.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 18 To 99



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Further Information

Provider Type
Health Services
Delivery Channels
Office / Premises Schools Children's Centres Home Visit Case Work Idea Store Other
Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)