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Mowlem Children's Centre


Service Description

Children’s Centres help give your child the best start in life. If you are expecting a baby or are a parent or carer with a child under five, you can attend a range of free universal sessions. You can also access child and family health services, childcare and early years education advice as well as volunteering and training support.

Children’s centres also provide one to one support for families with children under 11.”

Additional Information

Additional Information

At Mowlem Children's Centre we offer an array of services which aim to meet the needs of a family who have a child under the age of five. We provide family support, early education through stay and play, child and family health services, childcare advice, employment, volunteering and training support.

Our family support team will work closely with you to develop positive parenting skills and strategies, and signpost you to local services, including housing advice and support to manage your finances. We also work in partnership with children's social care, schools, nurseries and health. Our aim is to help you to achieve greater independence, skills and resilience.

Our stay and play sessions are aimed at enhancing your child's overall emotional wellbeing. Each of the sessions is set around the Early Years Foundation Stage with an emphasis on social and emotional development, communication and language and physical development. If you have any questions or queries about your child's speech, eating or sleeping habits, general behaviour or social skills please speak to your health visitor who will refer you to the right service at your local children's centre.

For full details of activities and services, please contact the service for more information:

Area Early Intervention Lead
Nasima Akhter
Telephone: 0207 364 7935

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From 0 To 5


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