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Cyril Jackson Primary School


Service Description

Cyril Jackson is an ambitious, successful and inclusive community school with a national and international reputation for providing a high standard of education. Our staff are highly committed, hardworking and motivated. We have limitless expectations for our pupils and ourselves, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. The school is a unique place and regularly described as warm, friendly and welcoming - and I take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Cyril Jackson.

If you are searching for the best school for your child and are considering Cyril Jackson, you are very welcome to visit.

Additional Information

Additional Information

At Cyril Jackson we aim to create a safe and stimulating environment where children encounter challenging and creative learning experiences.
We expect children to be kind and helpful to each other, to develop high self-esteem and self-discipline. We encourage children to find pleasure in learning and playing together, to understand, respect and value the many different cultures and backgrounds that enrich our school and its community.

At Cyril Jackson we have a wide range of high quality activities that happen before and after school. Breakfast club is available to parents every morning from 8.00am; children are then escorted to their classes in time for the start of lessons. A small donation is required which enables the school to provide a range of healthy breakfasts and support staffing costs. The School and Tower Hamlets Junior Youth Service both run activities at the end of the school day.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 5 To 11



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Registered For 2 Year Old Grant

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OFSTED Last Inspection and Summary
08 July 2015

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Primary Schools
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