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Cayley Primary School


Service Description

Welcome to Cayley Primary School. I hope that you enjoy browsing our web site, and you experience for yourself the exciting learning environment and educational opportunities we offer.

We are a county primary school, maintained by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We have a double entry nursery unit and admit children from the age of three up to eleven.

We are a happy and healthy school and believe that everyone should be valued for his or her individuality, culture and heritage. and that they are encouraged to achieve their full potential in a stimulating, challenging and caring environment and we’re only able to achieve this through a strong partnership between home and school. We will help our children to achieve their potential as a member of our school community where all children are respected and valued.

If you would like to visit our school, please make an appointment with the office and we will be pleased to show you around.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Cayley School is situated on the borders of Limehouse and Stepney, in Tower Hamlets, London. It is an area rich in history and cultural diversity; it is close to the City of London, Canary Wharf and the Docklands area, and not far by bus or tube to the West End.

The school serves a large Bangladeshi community, which is well represented in the school, as well as at present some children who are Somalian, African, Chinese, Vietnamese, Algerian, and of white UK backgrounds. There are children and staff from a variety of backgrounds, languages and faiths, and the school aims to celebrate these and to focus on race equality and social inclusion.

15.30 - 16.30 After School clubs for children who attend the school only.

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From 5 To 11



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OFSTED Last Inspection and Summary
22 March 2017

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Primary Schools
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