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Madani Girls School Nursery


Service Description

Our daycare nursery offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0-5 years. With a focus on early childhood development, we hope to provide a range of age-appropriate activities to encourage learning, creativity, and social interaction.

Our staff will be dedicated to fostering each child's individual growth and ensuring a safe and caring space for them to explore, play, and thrive. We will prioritise a balanced approach that combines structured learning with free play and enabling children to develop essential skills.

At our daycare nursery, we understand the importance of involving parents and families in their child’s early learning journey. We will offer various sessions and opportunities to promote collaboration and engagement.

These may include regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress and development, workshops on parenting skills and early childhood education as well as coffee mornings to share experiences as build relationship with one another.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Our daycare nursery is dedicated to inclusive and supportive care for all children, including those with additional needs. We will work closely with families to create individualised care plans that cater to each child's unique requirements.

Our experienced staff will undergo specialised training to effectively support children with various needs, ensuring they receive the attention and resources they need to thrive. We will collaborate with external professionals when necessary and adapt our facilities and activities to provide a safe and enriching environment for every child. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging, promote development, and empower all children to reach their full potential.

Morning Session 8.45 to 11.45
Afternoon Session 12.15 to 15.15

Eligible for funding - please contact nusery

Full Time Places = 10 hours per day

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 0 To 5


Cost per Hour
Over 2's Cost per Week
Under 2's Cost per Week

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Further Information

Provider Type
Day Nurseries
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Office / Premises
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