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Service Description

MEplace is a nursery focused on mental and physical health.

Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 7.30am – 18.30pm.
The latest time a child can be picked up from the nursery is 18.30pm.

We partner with a third party to provide food.

We plan on opening a weekend club in the future.

We have procedures in place to identify and support children with special educational needs and disabilities. We have clear arrangements in place for assessing SEND with a targeted plan to provide support and ensure that every child is fully included in all aspects of the nursery.

We arrange special educational provision for children with SEND, which is designed to help children with special educational needs, or a disability access our curriculum. The graduated approach is used to support children with SEND and remove barriers to learning. We work closely with parents to establish the support each child needs and keep them informed of any decisions made to best support the child.

Our SEND support also includes planning and preparing for when children move on to a new setting. To support the transition, the SENCO will meet face-to-face with the child's parents, staff from the new setting, and any other professionals, if necessary, to share information which will inform plans for future activities.

We have a parenting app which has a number of engaging activities for parents and their little ones. Designed with our holistic approach in mind to provide parents with the latest research in child development, psychology and neuroscience.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Morning session: 7.30 – 13.15
Afternoon session: 13.15 – 18.30

Fees depend on the number of days a child attends nursery

Monday - Friday

Under 3’s (monthly) Over 3’s (monthly)
Full-time: 5 full days - £1500 Full-time: 5 full days - £1300
Part-time: 4 full days - £1300 Part-time: 4 full days - £1000
Part-time: 3 full days - £1000 Part-time: 3 full days - £900
Part-time: 2 full days - £730 Part-time: 2 full days - £650

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 1 To 5


Over 2's Cost per Week
Under 2's Cost per Week

Questions & Answers

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Further Information

Provider Type
Day Nurseries
Delivery Channels
Office / Premises
Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)