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Independent Travel Training (ITT) For Students With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Send


Service Description

The Tower Hamlets Independent Travel Training (ITT) programme is an innovative project that provides intensive training and support for students in the borough with SEND, to enable them to achieve a higher degree of personal freedom, confidence and independence.

The anticipated outcome for students undertaking the training is that they will be able to travel to school / college independently by either walking or using public transport.

However, it is accepted that this may not be realistic for some students, in these circumstances realistic goals will be set to ensure that there are positive outcomes and a sense of achievement for all students.

The independent travel training team welcomes referrals from professionals and parents, and students need to have an EHCP and be a Tower Hamlets resident to be eligible.

ITT focusses on enabling students to undertake the journey to and from school or College.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Successful travel training can enable families to do more things together and provide more time for individual activities. Being able to travel with less support allows young people to do more social and educational activities.

This helps them maintain better relationships with their peers. Independent travel skills also help to open up employment opportunities. This all contributes to young people leading a more fulfilled life.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 11 years to 19 years



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Provider Type
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Via School Integrated Service For Disabled Children None (Self-referral)