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Solebay Primary School


Service Description

All schools offer extended services, which includes: childcare (in primary and special schools), a wide range of varied activities, swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services, parenting support and community access to facilities. For details of the individual school’s programme, please contact the school directly.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Inspection Outcome:-

Solebay Primary transferred to Paradigm Trust on 1 September 2014. The most recent inspection (20 April 2014) took place while the school remained under the management of its previous owner.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 5 To 11



OFSTED Information

OFSTED Last Inspection and Summary
12 January 2016

Further Information

Provider Type
Primary Schools
Ofsted Rating
Delivery Channels
In Person Office / Premises
Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)