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Ian Mikardo High School


Service Description

All schools offer extended services, which includes: childcare (in primary and special schools), a wide range of varied activities, swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services, parenting support and community access to facilities. For details of the individual school’s programme, please contact the school directly.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Ian Mikardo High School is a special school in every way.

All our students have severe and complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and EHCP's. Many have been excluded from other schools and are regarded as unteachable when they join us, from the age of 11. Our purpose-built school gives them a safe haven. We provide minute-by-minute day-time support and a structured learning environment and, despite their challenging personal circumstances, our students make tremendous progress. When they leave us at 18, they are ready to engage with a positive future.



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09 May 2023

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