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St. Paul’s Way Trust School


Service Description

At St Paul’s Way Trust we expect each of our graduates to be fully prepared for the opportunities and the demands of the adult world. During each child’s school career we place strong emphasis on six key areas: Communication, Investigation, Networking, Participation, Scholarship and Vision. It is because students learn to excel in these areas that they gain the confidence to become successful global citizens.

Our undergraduate curriculum, which promotes both academic excellence and the development of well-rounded citizens, is the result of very close work with two of our Trustees: Queen Mary University of London and King’s College, London. It is precisely because of our unique relationship with these Higher Education institutions, alongside our other University Trust Partners, including Warwick University, University College London, The University of Greenwich and the University of East London, that we are able to provide this exciting, relevant and robust learning experience.

The superb outcomes and the impressive university/career destinations achieved by our students, are testament to the success of our model and our belief that every child can fulfil their potential. Our accomplishments, however, have always been underpinned by the strong partnership forged with our families and the local community.

Additional Information

Additional Information

St. Paul's Way Trust School's success has been built on a firm foundation of strong links with business and the local community.

We have enjoyed specialist Visual Arts College status since September 1998 and our work in this and other areas has gained national recognition.St. Paul's Way Trust School's success has been built on a firm foundation of strong links with business and the local community.

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From 11 To 19



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Registered For 2 Year Old Grant

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OFSTED Last Inspection and Summary
28 March 2013

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Secondary Schools
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None (Self-referral)