2016 SEND Review
Created by FIS Published on 21 April 2017 Between May 2016 and February 2017, an external review was carried out of the support children and young people with SEND receive from the council and schools.
Created by Tower Hamlets Published on 04 November 2016 As new websites develop, the Local Offer will link to them. In July, a new health mobile application and website was launched called ‘NHS Go’.
Empowering parents to have a voice
Created by Tower Hamlets Published on 26 October 2016 Launched in October 2012, the Parent and Carer Council (PCC) provides a platform where parents can collectively help shape services that are available to families in the borough.
Parent and Carer Survey 2016
Created by Admin Published on 25 October 2016 Juanita Haynes from Tower Hamlets Corporate Research Unit attended the July Parent and Carer Council (PCC) meeting to give feedback on the findings of the first Parent and Carer Survey which took ...
Tower Hamlets youth services are changing
Created by Tower Hamlets Published on 24 July 2016 Following a review that has uncovered historic shortcomings in the way youth services in Tower Hamlets are delivered, the council is proceeding with the adoption of an interim delivery model, anti...