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Safe After School Information for Parents

Tower Hamlets Safe After School Information for Parents 

Choosing a private tutor, coach or independent after school club?  Some things to consider....... 

There are many reasons why a parent might want to employ a tutor or send their child to an independent after school activity or club.  It may be to help their child improve potential exam grades, to assist with schoolwork in general, to learn a musical instrument, to play a sport or to study religious texts.

It is important for parents and carers to know that there are no regulations governing tutors or many after school activities (unless it is an Ofsted registered childcare provision).

While many tutors and coaches are skilled at developing a child’s learning and development in a particular subject, they do not need qualifications to work in this field.  In fact, a person can bebarred from teaching or commit an offence which makes them unsuitable to work with children yet still offer their services as a tutor or coach.

Local Authorities and schools cannot provide a list of approved professionals who work as tutors or coaches.  Therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure the tutor is qualified and does not pose a risk to their child.

Questions you may want to ask:

  • Does the activity/class/club have a website or leaflet I can read?
  • How long has the activity/class/club been operating?
  • How many staff support the activity?
  • How many children and young people attend?
  • Does the location, travel and the timing of the activity work for my child and family?
  • Can I visit the session before my child starts and stay to observe the sessions my child attends? 
  • Can I see their DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate?
  • Can I read a copy of the policy on safeguarding children?
  • Can I read a copy of the health and safety policy?
  • Can I have a copy of the code of conduct for staff, volunteers and children?
  • Are all staff trained in safeguarding and first aid?
  • What emergency procedures are in place?Poster
  • Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?


Department for Education's guidance for parents keeping children safe during 
community activities, after-school clubs and tuition:
Questions to help parents and carers choose out-of-school settings


For more information about services to support you as a parent or carer, visit Parent Family Support