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Something for the Adults

  • The Winter's Tale online broadcast - ADULTS ONLY.  Shakespeare's tale of love and loss becomes the most masterful of narrative ballets in Christopher Wheeldon's inspired adaptation, with music by Joby Talbot.  This is being broadcast free online as part of the Royal Opera House's 'Our House to Your House' series
  • The 'Zetangle' method - Rick Roberts is a former Buddhist Monk who jointly developed the 'Zetangle' method of drawing patterns, which she says offered her 'freedom and well-being and complete focus'.  Sound good to you?  Take a look at the eight-step Zetangle Method
  • Showstopper!  The Improvised Musical - ADULTS ONLY.  After more than 1,000 productions, the Showstoppers improvisation crew are some of the quickest wits in the business.  So it's no surprise that when they were faced with a West End closure they live-streamed a performance.  Watch their custome-made, never-to-be-repeated improvised musical


Something for Youth

  • Tower Hamlets Youth Service has lots of activities happening why not take a look at their new website here
  • Spotlight Youth online programmes..................dont be bored, get involved


Family Fun

  • Nature and the Environment actvities - at the Suntrap Centre you will find a whole range of fun, educational ideas you can do in your local green space, all with a focus on nature and the environment.
  • Learn about food and farming - LEAF Education offers young people across all key stages the opportunity to focus on how their food is produced and some of the farmers behind it.
  • Happy Place Virtual Festival are excited to present a month long schedule full of passionate people promoting mental and physical wellbeing!  Connect you mind and body, unlock your creativity and find your Happy Place!
  • Hungry Little Minds has produced lots of simple and fun activities for children aged 0-5 - take a look today to see what fun you could be having
  • Brain Boggling Picture Puzzles from CBBC - do you think you can complete these puzzles
  • Virtual tour of Chastleton Gardens - Most gardens across the UK are still closed but Gardens Illustrated are still trying to bring garden people together, so they have started a virtual garden tour series.  Each week they will share one garden, offering history alongside current videos and photographs from the people who run them.
  • A Tale of Two Villages - Do you know of the village in which every human that ever existed, lived?  The HEC Global Learnin Centre have produced a second story in their storytelling series for families: A Tale of Two Villages.  HEC Global Learning Centre works with schools and communities to promote a global perspective on equality, justics and sustainability in a multicultural and interdependent world
  • Be 'Epic at Home' - CBBC's 'How to be Epic @ Home' series has one aim....... to help you become epic during the lockdown.  Each show is around 10 minutes but packed full of ideas to practice and master at home, including magic tricks, brain teasers, dance and arts and crafts!
  • FREE Family Films - Into Film have a wide range of films available to stream for free within the UK.  All films come with recommended viewing ages and talking points and many have additional educational resources too.  Into Film puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people across the UK
  • Spotter guides from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) - The RHS school gardening campaign has developed activities  to help you identify different tree leaves and spring flowers.  It is designed to help participants both young and old explore their local natural environment and to identify and name common trees and plants.  Tree Leaf Spotter Guide and Spring Flower Spotter Guide
  • The Secret Garden Competition - The competition asks children to imagine they have discovered a Secret Garden and to either draw, paint or create a collage of plants, wildlife or other features that they might see.  The winner will have a chance to see their garden or elements of it brought to life in their community space.  There are also opportunities to win a movie goody bag too.  Good Luck!
  • Indoor Activities from Change4Life - It canbe difficult to get up and about at the best of times, especially if you are all at home, but Change4Life have loads of great indoor activities and games to play
  • Fun family quiz - get some friendly competition going on in your houshold with this short family-friendly quiz.  Suitable for all ages
  • 101 Good Charade Ideas for Kids - You may be looking for a fun game to play with kids while at home.  This resource provides 101 good charades ideas for kids to act out.  Charades is a great game that the whole family can play indoors or outside
  • Sensory Circuit fun for SEN Children and all the family.  Watch the video below


Virtual Travel
  • Visit Al Khazna, Petra, Jordan - The ancient city of Petra has been standing for over 2000 years.  Known as 'Rose City' thanks to its blush-coloured stone, this amazing wonder is a window into lost civilsation.  Enjoy the most iconic locations in the city, and learn all about them with the accompanying audio guide.
  • Visit to The Colosseum, Rome - You cannot picture Rome without picturing its icon, The Colosseum.  Its history stretches back 2000 years, when the Roman Empire was at its peak.  You too can now tour the Colesseum on an hour-long virtual walking tour that takes you through this wonder of the world.
  • Visit the Taj Mahal, India - This monument is iconic to people around the world because of its symmetry and white marble.  Now, the whole world can experience the Taj Mahal on Street View.  From the comfort of your own home, take a tour around the ak Mahal as if you were walking around the building itself.
  • Visit the Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico - These sacred ruins were once the centre of operations for the Mayan Civilisation over 1000 years ago.  This temple has 365 steps, 91 on each side, with the 365th made up from the top platform.  Get an up-close look at Chichen Itza with this virtual tour.


Something for all ages
Arts and Crafts



  • 8 Homemade Wind Chimes for your children to make
  • Idea Stores have some brilliant Art Club Videos with loads of things to make at home!  View all the artwork that they have been sent in our Art Club Gallery
  • Make slime at home - Here is a great gloopy, gooey, slime recipe that you can make with your child in approximately 25 minutes.  Do you know what the best bit is?  It only requires two ingredients, so you bareley need anything to make it
  • The Secret Garden Activity Sheet - The Secret Garden activity sheet contains a spot the difference activity, as well as anagrams, dot-to-dot and a word search
  • The Secret Garden origami - This step-by-step guide provides instructions on how to make your origami butterfly and includes textured paper designs to print and use
  • Egg-citing Crafts - Have a look at these cool DIY egg carton crafts for children.  There are animal crafts, bird feeders and a draught board fr you to try your hand at.  Egg cartons cut easily and take spray paint, paint pens, markers and acrylics really well
  • Build a LEGO balloon powered car - Lego building is entertaining and popular for children and adults.  This LEGO balloon car is a perfect example of the simple fun you can have.  Combine science and engineering in this fun activity - maybe you could make a few balloon powered cars and race them?
  • Paper Airplane Making - Learn how to make the 'Worlds best paper airplane' and see how far you can throw it.  What happens when you change your design?  See how changes to your design can influence how well, and how far, you're able to throw your creation.
  • Origami - The Ancient Art Form.  Origami animals are a popular choice and fun to fold.  Watch them take shape until they look just like the real thing.  Why not try this ancient art form yourself
  • Make your own Anime - Anime is a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterised by colourful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots.  Learn how to create your own with this easy step-by-step guide.
  • Stop-Motion Animation - when we watch animations, we might not always consider the work that has gone into creating them.  See for yourself in this short movie all about how to stop-motion animation is made featuring Nush Kishani Naanayakkara, BAFTA-Winning animation director
  • Have you ever wanted a Blue Peter Badge? - Now is your chance, look at the badges you could earn:

Blue Badge

Blue badges are awarded for sending in interesting letters, stories, makes, oictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter

Green Badge

Green badges are awarded for sening in letters, pictures and makes about the environment, conservation or nature

Silver Badge

Silver badges are awarded to Blue Badge holders who go on to make an extra effort.  For example, if you won a Blue badge for an interesting letter or email, you could win a SIlver badge by sending in something different such as a make, picture or poem


  • Railway Rainbows - The Railway Rainbows will be displayed in stations for the entirety of the COVID-19  crisis and beyond with some being made into permanent displays to remind everyone of the efforts of all key workers at this challenging time.  The Railway Rainbows Project is open to all ages so why not design a Railway Rainbow today.  To submit your Railway Rainbow design all you have to do is email it
  • James Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards - there are 6 challenges set by Dyson engineers, which use resources commonly found in the home.  They encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering. 

The Spaghetti Bridge Challenge - This bridge themed challenge asks 'can you build a spaghetti bridge that is strong enough to hold a bag of sugar?'  Embedded videos provide a starting point, where Dyson Engineers attempt the challenge themselves; they build a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Cardboard Boat Challenge - This nautical themed challenge asks 'can you build a boat from cardboard that is strong enough to float, even with a weight on board?'

Make a Periscope - Would you like to see around corners using just a cardboard box?  The video challenge explains how periscopes work and provides guidance on how to make your own.


  • Emoji Card Game - Are you looking for a way to start a conversation of gauge how others around you are feeling?  The Emoji activity was designed to help young people express their feelings; these games can help children and young people stay calm and focused when having what can seem to be daunting conversations
  • Lets Build Together - LEGO provides a fun activity that provides endless possbilities.  Why not share your creations with us on twitter or facebook
  • Build a shoe box with Scouts and Pokemon.  Do you like collecting coins, music memorabilia, stamps, Pokemon trading cards, football cards or something else that interests you?  Children are asked to imagine that their collection has been chosen as the star attraction for a museum.  Before it is constructed for 'real' the museum needs a model of the exhibition.  This is a perfect way yo showcase your prized collections, tucked away in a drawer.  You will need coloured pens, cardboard box or shoe box, collections like coins, stamps or trading cards etc. and arts and crafts materials 
  • The 5 Minute Fun Website has put together 50 quick and easy activities and projects which use items that you may already have at home.  The website has lots of activities, craft ideas, baking, learning and party ideas to explore.  These activities generally take 5-10 minutes each and are suitable for ages 3+
  • Rainbow Art - Create your own colourful message of hope to display in your window
  • 5 Empty box makes - of you have empty boxes laying around, why not create something fun out of them.  Click here for more ideas
  • Make your own Playdough in just 10 minutes here
  • How to make Paper Mache
  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - Harry Potter has never heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number 4, Privet Drive.  Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly Aunt and Uncle.  Then, on Harry's 11th birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.  An incredible adeventure is about to begin!
  • Hand Flower Bouquet - Ask your children to draw around their had and cut out the shape.  Then get a pipe cleaner (preferably green with another colour for the stamen) and twist the stamen colour around the top of the green pipe cleaner.  You might need to cut off half or so of the stamen colour otherwise it will be too big.  Then get the hand cut out shape and twist it around the green pipe cleaner with the stamen popping out the top.  Finally, curl the 'fingers' with a pair of scissors to make your flower.  More craft ideas are available here
  • Make a Spin Painting





  • Paignton Zoo - Live Flamingo Webcam; Enjoy looking at Paignton Zoo's resident Chilean Flamingos and Duck species enjoying their peaceful lagoon exhibit, with a camera view that changes every 30 seconds
  • Edinburgh Zoo - Can you find the Tiger?  Dharma the Tiger is quite elusive, so she is used to self-isolation.  She is a Sumatran Tiger, so she's an animal that would generally live alone in the wild and is quite shy.  Don't worry if you can't see her, she is most likely exploring in the long grass or having a snooze.  The best time to see Dharma is in the morning or afternoon.  You can also see Panda's, Penguin's, Koala's and Rockhopper Penguins
  • BBC Earth Kids - Provides best clips from the BBC's Natural History Programmes, specifically curated for curious explorers.  The engaging site is packed with fun facts, inspiring hosts, amazing creatures and information about our planet.


  • Visit the Titanic Belfast - Titanic Belfast have made their multi-media guide audio tour available online for free.  Enjoy being taken around the iconic Titanic Belfast building and through the Titanic Experience galleries from the comfort of your home as you listen to lots of fascinating facts and additional information exclusive only to the guide
  • Museum of Fundon - The Museum of London is launching the 'Museum of Fundon', a whole range of exciting activities for families to do at home.  Whether you want to become a puppeteer, test your memory skills, discover more about the Great Fire of London, or just get crafty.
  • Free Concerts from the Royal Albert Hall - The Royal Albert Hall are offering free streamed concerts including Imogen Heap, Kaiser Chiefs and a series of shows for kids, including a Classical for Kids, featuring cellist Samara Ginsberg and pianist Leo Nicholson.  All concerts are archived so you can view them at a later date
  • National Theatre Live - The Southbank institution has many live theatre recordings.  Now, one will be released per week to stream for free on its YouTube Channel.  Full length plays are released every Thursday
  • Watch Cirque du Soleil - Cirque du Soleil has launched a new online channel featuring performances of the world famous circus company
  • Celebrating 50 years of the Roundhouse - To celebrate 50 years of the iconic London music venue, the Roundhouse, check our these five surprising music videos that you may not have known were filmed there.  The videos range from a Bauthaus' Gothic take on David Bowie to Victoria Beckhams forgotten garage anthem...........
  • Museums in lockdown - this series from the BBC takes you behind the closed doors of some of the nations most famous museums during lockdown - giving unique access and insight into their exhibits - including the British Museum, Tate Britain and Tate Modern
  • National History Museum
  • Tate Modern Online
  • You can now explore the British Museum from home.  Whether its a virtual visit or a Curator's corner, there are plenty of ways to keep exploring the British Museum - here are your favourite ones
  • Half Moon Theatre - Every Wednesday a new production for young people will be available online - alongside access to backstage interviews production photos and information about how the shows were created, you can also read the Half Moon Theatre Press Release
  • Banksy Street Art Tour - The mysterious graffiti artist Banksy has been creating his satrical stencil-style work on buildings and walls around the world for almost 30 years.  A large number of these have been destroyed, physically removed, or painted over by other artists - as is the nature of street art.  Click here to have a tour of 12 of his murals
  • The National Theatre is putting a play on YouTube every week
  • You can watch Wind in the Willows Musical for FREE by signing up
  • Disney on Broadway - 25th Anniversary Concert - Online Stream


Music, Dance and Exercise
  • The Voices Foundation - The Voices Foundation is an award-winning national charity which uses the power of singing to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK.  Their aim is to improve musical, educational and personal outcomes for children aged 0-18 through singing.  They offer schools a range of school packages

The charity has adapted to utilise YouTube as a platform to deliver music education to as many children as possible during social distancing.  The channel on YouTube includes:

  • Into Choral - High energy choral sessions for children and teachers in schools which includes voal warm-ups and songs from around the world
  • Into Music - aimed at which demystifying musical ideas for beginners, children and parents
  • Virtual Sing - over 30+, 10-15 minute uplifting singing assemblies for children, parents and teachers led by The Voices Foundation Staff
  • Rapping with Dr Seuss; Green Eggs and Ham - A man called Wes Tank has decided to rap Dr Seuss stories in an effort to entertain himself (and others) during lockdown.  Do you think you could try rapping one of your favourite stories?
  • Move Crew - Uk Active and Nike have just launched Move Crew, a programmce developed with the expertise of teachers and physical activity specialists, elite athletes, kids and coaches.  Each mission is designed to help kids unlock their 670 minutes of daily recommended activity.  Key presenters include British Sprint Champions, Dina Asher-Smith and Hanna Sepeta.
  • Little Red Riding Hood - suitable for ages up to 5 years old.  The big bad wolf is soppy rather than scary in the Northern Ballet's sweet re-tellings of this fairy tale favourite.  He wouldn't dream of eating Gran and ends up being invited to a jolly tea party instead.  A spring your of the production has been cancelled but this is aversion adapted for CBeebies. 
  • The English National Ballet has free ballet sessions for anyone who fancies trying out a pirouette
  • Super Movers - Dance Moves for under fives
  • Learn how to DJ - This free DJ App will teach you the basics of DJing in a fun, interactive way without the need for expensive, specialist equipment.  All you need is a phone or tablet and the free DJ App.  The DJ app guides you through every stage of mixing, teaching you the basics of decks and loops before giving you the freedom to mix and remix your library of music.
  • Sadler's Well is streaming a new performance each week as well as a dance workshop


Strictly Come Dancing - Oti Mabuse and Marius Lepure Todrick Hall Dance Fusion Class


Online and Television
  • FREE Family Films - Into Film have a wide range of films available to stream for free within the UK.  All films come with recommended viewing ages and talking points and many have additional educational resources too.  Into Film puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people across the UK
  • A global film festival - Coronavirus has meant that most of this year's film festivals are not able to go ahead, so they have all teamed up for a 10 day online event called 'We Are One': A Global Film Festival.  It combines Cannes, Tribeca, Berlin and some smaller festivals, who do not usually get lots of publicity. 
    • There will be a single You Tube Channel broadcasting continuously until Sunday 7th June
    • Over 100 Films, 13 world premieres and 31 online premieres
    • All FREE to watch
  • The sound of laughter - Check out the BBC's comedy podcast library.  Sit back, relax and enjoy some time to yourself
  • Online fun with Friends and Family.  Why not arrange a video call to play games with your friends and family during lockdown.  It is a fun and easy way to stay entertained, and keep in touch.  You could play hangman, charades, sing songs together or just use your imagination.  9 Fun family games to play on lockdown
  • CBeebies - Boogie Beebies
  • Pokemon Fun at Home with printable activities and Pokemon TV with full length adventures are added each week
  • Roald Dahl Day is celebrated on 13 September each year.  If you cannot wait until then, take a look at this special interactive lesson from 2019, aimed at Primary School Pupils aged 7-11.  Explore the concept being brave, standing up for what you believe in and using the power of words to change the world around you.  It's a 35 minute programme from BBC Teach
  • The Cosmic Shambles Network creates podcasts, digital content and live events for people with curious minds.  People who want to find out more about our universe through science, art, history, philosophy, music, literature
  • Give Bread making a try!  The basics of bread making are quick to learn, fun and useful.  BBC Good Food have put together an ingredients list (Flour, Salt, Fast Action Yeast, small amount of Olive Oil and Water), with a video demonstrating the method to make bread.  So if you would like to start making bread, look no further for more details.  How to make Bread


Reading, Writing and Talking
  • Take on a Comedy Challenge - The National Trust have partnered with comedians from The Stand Comedy Club to challenge you to put on a performance for Family, Friends, Classmates or Colleagues!  Whether you want to put on a play, write a joke or perform a chapter from your favourite book, they've got some tricks up their sleeves to help.
  • Story Time Online with Idea Stores - new videos are uploaded at 10:30 a.m. Monday - Saturday
  • Key Stage 2 Poem Finale
  • Write a poem about your home.  This is a 5 minute programme where Anna Bruder and Arji Manuelpillai from A Line Art share interactive arts, crafts, activites, stories, poems and games for the whole family to make and try at home.  This episode is about writing a poem about your home
  • Borrow virtual books from the Idea Stores; see more information here
  • With COVID-19 throwing up all sorts of big qestions for us and our children and at HEC we are talking about the pandemic in a different way, and we are inviting children and their families, learners and their teachers to join the conversation.  We will be releasing new story content evert Tuesday and Thursday morning.  You can follow the story on Facebook, or follow us on twitter @HECGlobal or by going striaght to YouTube

Short Stories to encourage conversation - new stories uploaded every week