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Definition of Bereavement

"Bereavement is a period of mourning or or state of intense grief, especially following the death of a loved one.  Bereavement is often a process that includes going through several stages of grief.  Bereavement can also be used more generally to mean the state of having lost something very dear."

In the UK there have been 16,509 deaths from COVID-19, and this is increasing everyday.  Someone you know, family member's or friends may be affected by this so we have put together some information below which may help in these tough times.


Help and Guidance for Schools

  1. Steps to support schools on hearing of a death in the school community
  2. Crisis support bereavement guidance for schools


Help and Guidance for Families

  1. Information and Guidance on the next steps if you have suffered a loss; Tower Hamlets Deaths and Funerals
  2. Grief reactions across different ages
  3. Detailed list of links for Bereavement Support
  4. Detailed book list for Bereavement Support
  5. NHS has produced a document - What to do when someone close to you dies during the pandemic
  6. Chapliancy at the Royal London Hospital
  7. Bereavement Support Services has produced an Information and Guidance Booklet - you can take a look here if you need advice, information and support
  8. Supporting bereaved children and young people - the outbreak of COVID-19 means that many aspects of children's lives have changed an many children will have questions and worries about the virus.  However, those who have experienced the death of someone important, or who have a family member who is ill, might be particularly worried.  The Childhood Bereavement Network has some tips about supporting bereaved or worried children.



Child Bereavement Video

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