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Lackisha Gregory - Miny Angels Childminding


Service Description

I organise a well-planned day that offers the opportunity for individual and group learning, both indoors and outdoors, through both planned activities and open access to resources.

This encourages children to make their own explorations and lead their own learning experiences alongside those that have been planned by an adult. I work closely with parents to maintain the same routine from home e.g. potty training, preparation for school, 2 year old progress check etc.

Your child will have individual assessments throughout the year to monitor their progress, I will communicate with you to ensure that together, we can help them continue to progress.

Additional Information

Additional Information

I encourage children to try new things and motivate them to learn. I spend quality time with your child, both individually and in small groups, to support their continuously growing social skills. I also take the time to help your child understand how to engage with others, with a focus on more challenging concepts such as sharing and taking turns.

I continue on the journey of helping your children to confidently communicate through support of language achievement. I will support your child in the start of their journey to becoming a successful reader and writer by providing a language-rich environment, including large variety of materials and writing areas.

Parents are invited to attend activities such as day trips e.g. zoo, museum, role play concerts and outings where they are able to interact with their children within their environment. This also helps and encourage parents to carry on these activities at home. Parent are able to see how their children play and learn, this gives both myself and parents the opportunity to share information about their children such as areas that needs more development.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 0 To 5


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