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Tower Hamlets Assistive Technology Lending Library (THATLL)


Service Description

Tower Hamlets Assistive Technology Lending Library
(THATLL) will quickly provide hardware for pupils with a range of needs in classrooms across the borough.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Which pupils is this for?
Essentially, equipment can be lent to any pupil who needs these specialist resources to enable curriculum access.

They may have a range of needs such as:

• Physical impairments
• Poor fine and gross motor control
• Visual and hearing impairments
• Communication and interaction needs such as speech and language difficulties
• They may also have cognition and learning difficulties

What is available?
Lots of up to date equipment including touchscreens, tracker balls, switches, communication aids and keyboards.

How do I know what to borrow?
If you’re not sure what your pupil(s) need you can get advice from an LEA Advisory Teacher or visit Stephen Hawking School to see equipment in use.

How will I know what to do with it?
When you visit THATLL to collect equipment the school staff will be happy to show you an example in use where possible and to advise you on how to use it in the classroom. You can also ask for support from Advisory Teachers, either for ICT/SEN and Inclusion or for specific needs such as Physical Impairment or Speech and Language.

Can pupils take it home?
Yes. As long as parents clearly understand that they are responsible for it whilst it is in their homes. You need to make sure they receive any necessary training and you may want to have a brief written agreement for you both to sign.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 3 To 19



Further Information

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Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)