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Service Description

Grandparents Plus is the national charity (England & Wales) which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children's lives - especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances.

What we do:
We recognise the huge contribution grandparents are making to families across the country, and we speak out to make sure their voices are heard - whether they're providing childcare so parents can work, stepping in to care full-time or shoring up a safety net for the next generation.

How we support grandparents:
Grandparents have a unique position within the family, and are relied upon by millions of families across the UK. We work with grandparents to tackle some of life’s most common family challenges, helping them to play active parts in the lives of their grandchildren.

Speaking up for grandparents:
As the only national charity for grandparents, we speak up for them on issues that affect them. Whether it’s raising the retirement age or asking for flexible working hours, we’re making sure grandparents have a voice.

Additional Information

Additional Information

We are an independent membership organisation for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations in the borough of Tower Hamlets. We provide information, development support and training on a wide range of issues relevant to running effective and sustainable organisations. We play an important role in representation and policy work on behalf of the sector, providing spaces for local groups to have a voice, and working with key local partners across all sectors.

We put together the latest research on the roles grandparents are playing in family life, including helping working families by providing childcare. We also do the largest yearly survey of grandparents and other family members who are kinship carers.

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