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London East Academy


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Welcome to the London East Academy Secondary school information pages. I hope you get to find the information you need. This part of our schools started in September 2004 and within half a year of operation it obtained registration from Ofsted without any recommendations. This made it the first Muslim independent secondary to get this – alhamdulillah.

The school set up its programmes with a very ambitious vision – to encourage as many British born and bred young boys to aspire to become hafizes, Alims and da’yees. It has a balanced curriculum with Islamic Sciences and National Curriculum being taught at equal time weighting. After completing five years in the secondary school, a student graduates with up to 13 GCSEs and a certificate in Islamic Sciences.

Browse through the pages and you will inshaallah be inspired…make dua and continue to support us in whatever way you can. We pray that Allah SWT blesses us with the best of blessings – ameen.

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