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Toyhouse - Baby Massage


Service Description

Toyhouse is a 38 year old Tower Hamlets based Voluntary Sector family support organisation providing services for parents and children together. Our initial engagement is through the medium of play and, by this route, we provide support in a range of ways, mainly to families with pre-school children, but for some families up to the age of around 11yrs. Our services operate at both the universal and the targeted level, aiming to provide relevant and transformative support without causing stigma. We also provide a well-stocked Toy Library for the community to use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

A range of sessions for parents and their children to enjoy together as well as parenting courses, physical play sessions and a home visiting service for families where there is a child under 5 with an additional/special need.

Toyhouse runs Baby Massage courses throughout the year. We have 3 International Association of Infant Massage trained instructors and the course is 4 sessions, 1 hour a week over 4 weeks.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
To 0.67



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