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Aasha Gang Conflict Mediation Project


Service Description

The Aasha Project is geared towards cutting crime, reducing the fear of crime, promoting citizenship and bridging the gap between communities. It focuses pre-dominantly on young people from the ethnic minority community aged between 15-21, who are at risk of becoming socially excluded or engaging in youth conflict, crime and drugs or anti-social behaviour.

The project employs a two pronged strategy to achieve its aim:

1. Conflict mediation and intervention – utilizing experienced Aasha staff and the projects wide network of informal youth contacts in the Borough to respond to conflicts as they happen with a view to interrupting, mediating and/or resolving the conflicts.

2. Conflict prevention – designing interventions and projects to engage hard to reach young people and steer them away from the gang culture and gangster lifestyle.

Additional Information

Additional Information

The Aasha Project is part of the Osmani Trust. We have the following accreditations:

Investors in Volunteers
ABC Award
Matrix Standard

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 15 To 21



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Further Information

Provider Type
Advice, Information and Support Services
Delivery Channels
In Person
Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)