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Stamma (British Stammering Association)


Service Description

Stamma provides information, resources and support to those who stammer and anyone affected by stammering, including parents of children who stammer, teachers and employers.
There’s lots of information about stammering on our website at : how to get support, ways to connect with others who stammer, stories from people who live with stammering.

There’s an events calendar , which includes links to local groups and wider online communities. There is also an online support groups for parents.

We run a helpline and webchat support -see details in additional information

Additional Information

Additional Information

Helpline and webchat are both open weekdays 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm. Call free on 0808 802 0002 or webchat at You can also email us at [email protected]

Our support is free, confidential and anonymous. The services are staffed by people who understand stammering.

We’re here to help. We’ll listen, help find information, answer questions, talk through concerns and options, including for speech & language therapy and courses to support people who stammer.

Helpline and webchat are both open weekdays 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
All Ages



Questions & Answers

Registered For 2 Year Old Grant

Further Information

Provider Type
Suitable For
Speech, Language & Communication Needs (SLCN)
Delivery Channels
Telephone E-Mail In Person Web Site Webchat Events
Referral Criteria
None (Self-referral)