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St. George's Leisure Centre


Service Description

St Georges Leisure Centre is situated on The Highway in the heart of Wapping. The centre has been part of the borough’s history for many years and has recently seen a refurbishment with the addition of a new studio space with separate entrance area.

Additional Information

Additional Information

We have 2 pools, the largest of which is regularly used by local swimming clubs and was used by the Russian Federations Synchronised Swimming team, brand new diving boards and a gym which operates women only sessions. These redevelopments will help to provide residents with year round activities for all ages and abilities across the sport and health and wellbeing spectrum.

There is also Gym Sessions for young people which are supervised by qualified instructors.

Suitable for ages

Age of Users
From 2 To 12

Questions & Answers

Do You Have Child Protection Policies And Procedures
Registered For 2 Year Old Grant

Further Information

Provider Type
Sports And Recreation Sports And Recreation
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Telephone Office / Premises
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None (Self-referral)