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Tower Hamlets Kids Time Workshops



Tower Hamlets KidsTime Workshop is a fun group workshop for families where there is a parent or carer with mental illness. These after-school workshop sessions offer a safe, non-judgmental space for the whole family to come together to talk and learn about mental illness.

How do the workshops support families?
• Helping children make sense of what it feels like when a parent is unwell, by sharing worries and asking questions about mental illness in a safe space where age appropriate answers are available.
• Helping parents cope with the stress and complexities of parenting and mental health issues.
• Developing the ability and confidence of families to talk together about problems and solutions.
• Offering an opportunity to meet other families in similar situations facing similar challenges.
• Providing follow-up contact between sessions to offer further advice or support to attendees, and communication with other professionals with the agreement of families.

13 June 2022
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This occurs Monthly on the 2nd Monday.

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