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Parent and Carer Council meeting



Tower Hamlets parents and carers are invited to attend the autumn term’s Parent and Carer Council Meeting. The Parent and Carer Council is the borough’s main universal family forum and parents and carers meet to discuss issues affecting families and share their views with service decision makers three times a year.

Parent and Carer Council agenda items and descriptions below:

• Meet the Safer School Police Officers
Find out more about their role in school and their work with young people to promote community safety

• Let’s Talk…Child Healthy Weight Consultation Childhood Obesity is a complex and multi-faceted national public health challenge with both short-term and long-term consequences on children’s physical and mental health. In Tower Hamlets, 21% of Reception children (age 4-5 years) and 41% of Year 6 children (age 10-11 years) are either overweight or obese (NCMP, 2018/19). The Tower Hamlets Community Child Healthy Weight Team would like to hear your voice on how we can better support children and young people locally.

This interactive session will be an opportunity for you to share:
- Your experiences and perception of barriers to achieve a healthy weight, as well as ideas on how to address these
- Your thoughts on possible effective healthy weight interventions and services for children and young people
- Your thoughts on how healthy weight messages should be shared within our communities
Your valuable contribution will help the Child Healthy Weight Team to better understand our local needs and inform the development of activities aiming to improve the health of children and young people in the borough.

• Information on the Covid-19 vaccination programme for 12–15 year olds with Public Health
Following the government’s announcement, the Covid-19 vaccination programme for all 12–15 year olds will be rolled out in Tower Hamlets over the coming months. Please join the LBTH Public Health Team to hear more and to ask any questions you may have and find out about the parent webinars taking place.

• Have Your Say on The Local Infrastructure Fund 2021 and find out how PCC views have helped use the fund in previous years
Tower Hamlets is one of the fastest growing boroughs in the country. Every new development increases the pressure on things like your GP surgery or your school. It could also mean spaces like parks, roads and cycle paths feel busier than before. That’s why we require developers building in Tower Hamlets to contribute to the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF), a pot of money that is used to pay for projects in the communities where development is taking place. The fund is expected to generate more than £5 million between April 2021 and March 2022. Find out how you can have your say on the priorities to spend the fund to support the community.

Also find out about how to share your views on the council’s budget consultation and opportunities for parents to attend workshops on keeping children and young people safe online.

16 October 2021
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