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The Health Tree



We are delighted to have received funding from the Thriving Communities programme to lead “The Health Tree” project!

Based at St Margaret’s House and in spaces across the borough of Tower Hamlets “The Health Tree” will offer a variety of engaging, fun, life enhancing wellbeing activities for people of all ages.

We’ll also work with the Tower Hamlets GP Care Group and National Academy for Social Prescribing to create links with social prescribers as well as working with local groups to build knowledge on social prescribing.

The Health Tree is inspired by our very own Mulberry Tree in our St Margaret’s House garden and like our healthy and resilient tree this project will bring you opportunities to benefit from activities that improve physical, mental, energetic and emotional wellbeing.

The Health Tree is offering low cost, affordable classes, workshops, talks and events in yoga, Pilates, dance, diet, acupuncture and more!

Have a look at our programme below to find out more about our practitioners and see how you can join in.

Just like our Mulberry Tree this project is going to grow so keep a look out for “The Health Tree” across all parts of St Margaret’s House and beyond!

13 October 2021
Start Time
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