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Slides from Parent Conference

Making Learning Stick 

Books and research papers
Atomic Habits- Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results, James Clear
Make it Stick- The Science of Successful Learning, Peter C. Brown
Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions from Cognitive and Educational Psychology, Dunlosky 

BBC revision site – Bitesize
Get Revising

Healthy Child, Happy Child

Do you worry about your child's weight?  Having an underweight or overweight child can make us worry and is a sensitive issue to address.  Research shows children who achieve a healthy weight tend to be fitter, healthier, better able to learn and more self-confident and develop lifelong habits for a healthier adult life.

Parents Information on Healthy Child, Happy Child Practical support 

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

The internet is amazing.  Children can play, learn, create and connect.  The internet opens up a world of exciting possibilities, but do you worry about the amout of time your child is spending online, using social media or playing computer games?

Barnardo's - Are our children safer online then a year ago? 

If you are interested in attending a Keeping Children Safe Online workshop, email [email protected]

Antibullying and Behaviour Support For Parents

The session will provide top tips about what to do if you are worried about bullying and behaviour.  It will explore ways to help you talk to your child about these issues as well as communicating with your child's school about bullying and behaviour concerns.

Antibullying and Behaviour Support for Parents slides 

We all have arguments! How can you use yours to help manage difficult conversations?

It is impossible to avoid conflict - parents cannot avoid it and neither can children; from domestic chores to Pokemon cards.  Daily life is full of difficult conversations.

We all have arguments slides

Haawa Project 

Haawa Project provides advice support to Somali women aged 16+ in Tower Hamlets and surrounding boroughs who are experiencing or have a history of experiencing Domestic Abuse. 

We support victim/survivors at all risk levels providing the following 

Website – Women’s Inclusive Team

Parent Taster Sessions and workshops 

Creative Communities: Active Citizenship Resources for Parents & Carers 

Have you ever seen something that bothers you, but you weren’t too sure how you could change it? Have you ever wanted to volunteer at your kid’s school or at your local faith centre, but weren’t too sure where to start? Or have you felt that you want to connect with people and learn new skills, but haven’t found the time or the opportunities?

This resource will help you to understand how to be an active citizen.  It will explore what this means and help you to help others in your local community.  You will find ways to identify lots of opportunities to support and connect with local organisations, people and initiatives.
Three themes are addressed in detail – Climate Change, Consumer Choices and Community Connections – all at a personal level, locally and through global interconnections.

Global Learning London Resource 

Holiday Childcare Scheme 

The Tower Hamlets Holiday Childcare Scheme is Ofsted registered and provides childcare for children aged 3 to 13 years old. The schemes take place during the school holidays, (excluding the Christmas break) within a Tower Hamlets school. 

4 - 14 April 2022 (9 days)
Booking closing date:  29 March 2022, 12pm or earlier once bookings are full.
Venue: St Mary and St Michael Primary School, Sutton Street, Stepney, E1 0BD

For further information and booking visit the Holiday Childcare Scheme

Thank you for joining the Parent Conference 2022!

Thank you to Discover Children’s Story Centre, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre and Rich Mix for providing family tickets as part of our conference prize draw.

Many thanks to ICON College of Technology and Management who are supporting this year’s Annual Parent Conference.

For any queries relating to the Annual Parent Conference, email [email protected]

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