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Consultation on the UST Admission Policy Proposed Changes for September 2023

The University Schools Trust (UST), as a Multi-Academy Trust, operates as the admission authority for the schools within the UST. The UST, as part of its continued work with the community has retained the vast majority of admissions procedures outlined by the Local Authority of each school within the UST.

The areas of consultation as part of the UST’s proposed admissions policy for September 2023 are found below. You can find a full copy of the proposed admissions on the individual school’s website and the UST website

Please note that that for this consultation process it is only the area listed below where comments are sought.

Please send any comments relating to this admissions policy to by Friday 21st January 2021 at 3pm.

Please indicate clearly in the comments to the UST your role within the community from the list below;

  • Acting on behalf of a Local Authority (Please indicate which Local Authority)
  • Acting on behalf of an Admissions Authority (Please indicate which Admissions Authority)
  • Teacher / Governor of a Local School
  • Parent
  • Other Local Community Stakeholder (Please provide information regarding this)

Consultation on the UST Admission Policy Proposed Changes 

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