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Job opportunities for 16-24 years olds on Universal Credit

The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion investment by the government to try and prevent young people in a difficult job market from becoming reliant on Universal Credit over the long term. It provides an exciting opportunity for those aged 16-24 to gain valuable work experience and training and develop new skills to prepare them for employment. 
It aims to do this by creating new six-month job placements for those aged between 16-24 who currently receive Universal Credit and are at risk of long-term unemployment. 
These placements are funded by the government who pay the minimum wage directly to employers based on a 25 hour per week placement and provides the opportunity for young people to gain valuable experience and training while the employer gets an additional resource. 
What sort of roles are available? 
Tower hamlets is working closely with a number of employers within a range of sectors including construction, creative arts, digital media, hospitality and catering and fitness.
A sample of the roles available include: 
• Business Administration 
• Social Media Assistants 
• Catering Assistants 
• Retail Assistants 
• Graphic designers 
• Housing Assistants 
• Dance coaches 
• Marketing Assistants 
How much will I be paid? 
The government will pay you minimum wage, which you can view in the following age groups. 
• Aged 23 and over £8.91 per hour 
• Aged 21-22: £8.36 per hour 
• Aged 18-20: £6.56 per hour 
How Do I apply? 
Your work coach will assess whether you are at risk of long-term unemployment and, if so, they will refer you to the Kickstart Scheme. The government expects up to 200,000 young people to be placed onto the scheme.
For further information, please email [email protected] with the following details: 
• Name 
• National insurance number 
• Contact number 
• The first part of your postcode 

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