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Age UK: Vaccination and Transport Support

Age UK is offering transport support for older people who need help getting to their Covid-19 vaccine appointment. The team can collect you from your home in an Uber cab and take you to your vaccination site. They will wait while you have your vaccine and then take you back home. This service is completely free to use for people who meet the criteria listed below: 
• Over the age of 65 years unless there is a diagnosis of dementia or similar condition. 
• Living alone or with another person who meets the service criteria 
• Have no family or friends who are able to escort them
• You are in receipt of shielding letter. 
Age UK will confirm with your GP and/or Health and Social professional that you meet the service criteria. 
• GP 
• Health Care professional 
• Social Care professional 
• Self (confirmation of eligibility will be checked with health and /or social care professional) 
If you would like any further information on this service call on 07754 751 079 or 020 8981 7124. Please make sure you have already booked your vaccine appointment. 

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