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View news articles from Tower Hamlets

Winter Wellbeing

Embrace the outdoors 

Get plenty of fresh air. Wrap up warm go for walk, get in the garden, take the kids to feed the ducks. The Woodland Trust have produced a list of nature activities you can do at home. You can also download illustrated nature activity sheets from Wildlife Watch. 

Get more active 

Walking, jogging, cycling, following along to you tube videos are all great ways to get more active. Research shows that regur physical activity can boost your mood and improve overall health. To get you started Sport England share more advice on ways to get active

Eat well 

Food is where we get our energy. Eating a balanced diet of nutritionally rich foods can improve our energy levels and boost our immune system. Find guidance on making heathier food choices or try budget friendly recipes 

Keep warm 

When temperatures drop finding ways to keep warm can be a challenge. The British Heart Foundation share simple inexpensive ideas to stay warm throughout the winter. 

Reach out for help 

Dont be afraid to ask for help. Holding onto worries and stress can lead to long term mental health problems. Speak with a trusted friend, or get in contact with a local advice service. You can also self refer to Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies service to access range of free support. 

Limit time watching and listening to the news 

Setting time to switch off the continuous news stream can be very calming and allows time to focus on other important activities

Try somthing new 

Keep the mind active with a new hobby like drawing, story writing, upcycling or maybe volunteering. Or Maybe try calming the mind with relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises. 

Count your blessings 

Whether that's running water, shelter or good health... Finding the positives can be hard at times but research shows writing a gratitude list of 2-3 things daily can boost our mood. 

Watch this short video on tips and advice on promoting your wellbeing during this winter.