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Carers Rights Day 2019: Helping you find your way

Every day 6,000 people in the United Kingdom become carers, something few have been able to plan for. From the start, they may find themselves needing to talk to health and social care providers; to negotiate with their employers on how to juggle work with caring; to deal with the intricacies of the benefits system or to consider how to fund future care costs. All of this while they are coming to terms with their new caring responsibilities. It’s no wonder that caring can feel overwhelming, bewildering and stressful.

This Carers Rights Day we’re joining together with organisations from across the UK to help carers in their local communities find their way. Whether they are struggling with navigating a maze of health and social services, looking for places to access information, or finding they need extra support to cope with the pressures of caring, we’ll help empower them to find any assistance that will benefit them.

How you can help carers find their way

Hundreds of organisations across the UK hold an event or activity for Carers Rights Day to help people in their community find out about their rights as a carer, and where to go for support. Why not join them? Let us know details of your local event and in return we’ll provide you with a pack including 20 free copies of Looking after someone (our annual guide for carers) and materials to promote your event. 

Carers Rights Day 2019 is kindly supported by Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.

Find out more about Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition and our range of free nutrition resources for carers.



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