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QMUL Project Search

QMUL Project SEARCH is a Supported Internship programme for young people with Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Phoenix School and Phoenix College in partnership with Queen Mary University, KAleidoscope Sabre Associates and Tower Hamlets Local Authority run a 12 month programme with a full-time instructor and two job coaches who provide the necessary support for interns to fully access Queen Mary University as a workplace.  Three internship rotations offer interns career exploration and job skills acquisition with the aim of full-time paid employment and ongoing in-work support as needed.

If you are a young person with autism aged 16-25, seeking training and job coach support within the workplace for September 2020 and keen to work towards full-time, paid employment, please contact Matt Snow for more information or call on 020 8980 4740

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