‘The Incredible Years’ is a 14 week preschool programme aimed at parents with children aged 3 – 6 years old displaying moderate to severe challenging behaviours, such as biting, hitting, non-compliance. It will run term time only with limited places.

The Incredible Years course will be delivered every Thursday, starting mid-September,  for 14 – 17 weeks, 10 – 12pm at  The Linc Centre, 70 Fern Street, E3 3PR.  

I am happy to provide the attached information and guidelines. We will be running the course from September, therefore if you are able to send any completed referral forms as soon as possible, we would appreciate it. We will then contact parents directly over the summer to invite them for an assessment and complete pre-registration questionnaires.

Alternatively, if it is more convenient and you are permitted to share parent name and contact numbers, we can directly speak to any parents interested and accept a self-referral. There is a referral list attached or you could email us contact details. Also attached, there is a poster for promotion.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a creche for this course. Please kindly forward on to any parents, colleagues or services who may also be interested.