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Shape the Services for CYP Asthma Pathways in Tower Hamlets

TH Programme Area:

Children and Young People living with Asthma

Role Description

Asthma is the most common long term condition affecting Children and Young People in the UK. Asthma deaths in London are higher than the remainder of the UK, and North East London has exceedingly high child death. Unfortunately overall quality of the asthma care received by those that died was judged to reflect good practice for just 4% of children and young people. There is an urgency to address this reality and make a positive change to impact quality of life of families, children and young people living with Asthma.

NHS Tower Hamlets Asthma Team is inviting local people to express their interest to help shape the pathways of care for children and young people who live with Asthma.

We have engaged with families, children and young people in March 2017 to identify the areas of improvement and set up a dedicated working group that meets every 2 months to focus on these improvements and identify how care can best be consistent across North East London. Locally we are focusing on reviewing our pathways of care. We are keen to have Children and Young People representation within this team.

We would like to invite parents/guardians of children with asthma and young people who live with Asthma to apply for this position. We hope this person will be able to help us shape the pathways of care in Tower Hamlets to best benefit families, children and young people.

The role of the patient representative will be to:

  • Contribute to the development of the service models through consultation and feedback; inform the project group by suggesting and providing ideas/feedback/solutions on how services should work.  
  • Offer families/children/ young people’s voice and perspective in order to improve and enhance the services development.
  • Attend one meeting per month, read and comment on documents in between meetings.

Time Commitment

Up to 5 hours a month, this can be flexible, please speak to the Transformation Manger for more information.


6 months commitment, with possibility of extension.

Support Offered for Patient or Public Involvement

Tower Hamlets Together values the time and commitment that can be offered by patient representatives. In recognition for every hour of time you give to attend these meetings, you receive one time credit. Time credits can be used:

  • By spending them, when someone needs help from someone else who is also on the Time Bank: for example an hour of gardening for some help with homework. It’s a time swap between local residents.
  • By saving them and using them to access local services – i.e. two time credits = one cinema ticket.
  • By giving them to another person who needs some help.

Patient representatives will be supported to increase their knowledge and understanding of how health services are commissioned and have the opportunity to develop valuable skills in problem solving and communication.

Supporting CCG Officer

Transformation Manager, Maternity, Children & Young People - NHS Tower Hamlets CCG.


In any process, confidentiality is an important part. Sometimes, information of a sensitive nature can be shared during meetings and events. You must not communicate any confidential information you learn as a result of being a member of this process. If you are unclear about whether or not information that you have access to is confidential, please ask your dedicated support person. This is the named person in the section above, Supporting CCG Officer.

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