Following a review that has uncovered historic shortcomings in the way youth services in Tower Hamlets are delivered, the council is proceeding with the adoption of an interim delivery model, anticipating the development of a new, long term model for a future service.

The interim model will be in place by summer and aims to ensure a regular, reliable and high quality service for every young person in Tower Hamlets whilst we develop a new service. The council takes its responsibilities to young people seriously and is thoroughly investigating all allegations of service failings.   

Young people’s views have been listened to throughout the review process, alongside those of staff.

The interim model will utilise eight hub venues that will be open six days a week, and operate on a hub and spoke basis. We will offer a wider range of services and activities, including trips, residentials, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, A Team Arts Tasters and access to Information advice and guidance sessions from targeted youth support and connexions.

We will now be assessing where the remaining gaps are and procuring or commissioning in order to fill them. We expect this analysis to finish by June.

The interim model involves no cuts at any point to staffing or funding.

The impact of the interim model on young people, especially on those who may need additional support, will be carefully monitored and responded to.

Any young people with queries about the proposals should contact

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said: “We are being open and honest about shortcomings in youth service delivery and taking immediate steps to resolve them. The council is moving to an interim model that will meet the needs of our young people and offer consistent delivery of a range of high-quality services, six days a week.  

We are wholeheartedly committed to delivering a youth service that is fit for purpose and are continuing to review our work, with ongoing input from the community and councillors and with the leadership of the young mayor, listening to all the young people of the borough.”

What changes are being made?

  • We are moving youth workers and equipment from the current centres to eight dedicated hubs at sites across the borough;
  • these hubs will be open more regularly and offer a wider range of activities.

Why are changes being made?

  • There has been criticism of the safety and quality of youth service programmes;
  • we do not have enough staff to ensure all current clubs are open reliably;
  • we want to offer the top quality service you deserve.

Are you cutting the youth service?

  • No, we are not cutting funding of services or youth workers' jobs.

What happens now?

  • We are putting together plans for what will be available from July;
  • activities will include trips, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, taster sessions and access to information, advice and guidance;
  • we are improving the buildings and equipment where we can;
  • we are using your feedback to design programmes including things you've asked for.