Up tp £500 available for your local volunteer led project!

Deadline: 5:00pm Monday, 16th April 2018
All applications are assessed by Volunteer Community Assessment Panels

What's Available?
The CanDo project offers £500 start-up support & free training to grassroots project volunteers. It is only available to individual community members or informal groups and NOT to larger organisations.

What Types Of Project? 
Your project should reach and support local communities to improve their physical or mental health and well-being through:

  • Sport and physical activities
  • Improving mental health and wellbeing eg. reducing isolation
  • Healthy food and healthy eating
  • Improving your environment

How To Apply?
To apply for project start up support, you need to contact the Community Development Worker (CDW) and ask for an application form, also available online.

What Help Can I Get with The Application Form?
The CDWs can help you develop your project idea and support with the applications process. They will be happy to arrange a time to meet you.

NW Wards -
Osmani Centre, Underwood Road, London E1 5AW
Community Development Worker: Alema Akthar
Email: cando@osmanitrust.org
Tel: 020 7247 8080 (ext 717)

SW & SE Wards -
Island House, Roserton Street, E14 3PG
Community Development Worker: Cathy or Emma
Email: cando@island-house.org
Tel: 020 7531 0312/ 0310

NE Wards -
Bromley By Bow Centre, St Leonard's Street, Bromley By Bow, London, E3 3BT
Community Development Worker: Jolanda Gjoni
Email: cando@bbbc.org.uk
Tel: 020 8709 9744